About the School Attacker Response Course

The SARC Program is primarily meant for teachers and staff in the US school system (public, private and parochial). It is a step beyond the “hide & hope” policy at most schools.

I.C.E. Training Company is working with a coalition of instructors nationwide to begin offering the “SARC” program to schools in 2013.

This seminar is being offered for free by a coalition of professional personal defense instructors to public school faculty and staff in order to give them practical alternatives to the “Hide & Hope” strategies that are commonly being provided.

The seminars last from 2-4 hours and can be taught during or after school hours.

Topics include:

  • Overview of typical School Attacks
  • Escape & Evasion
  • Barricading
  • Improvised Defensive Tools
  • Empowering Others to Act
  • Unarmed Defense
  • Group Defense Response

Download the SARC Flyer for more details and to share with your fellow teachers, you school’s administrators and childrens’ parents.



25 comments on “About the School Attacker Response Course
  1. Greg Garcia says:

    Martial arts instructor and high school teacher/administrator, very interested in bringing this program to my school and/or advocating this to other schools in my area.

    • aakelley says:

      Greg – thanks for the interest. We are getting things setup right now. There will be SARC Instructor courses added to the calendar as they become available. There is one planned now. Subscribe to the feed from this site and/or to our facebook site – there will be notices as new classes are added. If you are interested in connecting with a local instructor to hold classes for teachers, administrators, etc then the certified instructors will be updated in the next week which will let you search for and contact local instructors. Again, watch the feed of this blog and/or the facebook page for when there is more info in each of those places.

  2. Scott Pettit says:

    Rob, I am very interested in coming on board with this program. I am a Martial Arts school owner with a law enforcement and DeTac background. I have a great relationship with the schools in my area and feel that I can successfully get this program into our community.

    • aakelley says:

      Scott – Chris here responding for Rob as he is wrapping things up out at SHOT show. Thanks for your comment and interest. We'll be adding instructor courses to the calendar as they get scheduled and posting updates here and to the facebook account, so subscribe to one or both and you'll know as soon as there are classes available. There is one class with spots open now planned for February in MN and others will be added as they are scheduled. Thanks for your interest and hope you can make it to a class.

  3. Ptlm. Sean F. Specht says:

    Looking for info on classes for SARC.

    • aakelley says:

      Instructor class calendar and registration can be found on the ICE Training site that is linked to here via the calendar link. If you are looking for instruction for teachers, administrators, etc we will have the certified instructors up on the site in the next few days and you can contact an instructor in your area. Thanks for the comment and let me know if this answers your questions and if you have any others.

  4. Dianna says:

    I was just wondering if you only teach this at the schools? I would like my kids to learn this they are in elementary and middle school right now.

    • aakelley says:

      The main focus of this course is for Administrators and Teachers, however individual instructors can give general classes to parents, teachers, etc. Check back in a bit when we get the instructor contact list uploaded and reach out to a certified instructor in your area to see what they are able to do.

  5. Gretchen says:

    Do you also present this in private and parochial schools? I noticed your "About" section only mentions public schools.

  6. Chris Kelley says:

    Gretchen – yes, the class is open to all schools. Thanks for catching the omission – I'll get it updated today.

  7. Joe says:

    Hello, I am police officer in NY and I am a member if the emergency service unit. That position is more commonly known as SWAT with the addition of medical and heavy rescue duties. I am very interested in learning to be an instructor for this topic as well as others. I will be retired soon and this can be a way to keep me involved. Also this topic is a hit one where I live since newtown is only 20 mins from me.

    • Chris Kelley says:

      Joe – thanks for your service and your interest in this course. More instructor courses will be added in the next few weeks once Rob's schedule gets set on PDN and a few other courses. Follow us on Facebook and / or subscribe to the blog feed – we will be sure to update the news sections as new courses are added.

  8. Dave Schnelle says:

    Just saw the posting about the SARC Instructor Development but it's full. How long until more are added to the calendar?

    • Chris Kelley says:

      Dave – new instructor development courses are added as Rob's travel schedule gets set. Subscribe to the blog or friend us on facebook to be notified when new classes are added.

  9. phillip says:

    I am interested in taking the class for the SARC program. I don't see any program listed to take and I'm also interested in becoming an instructor. Can you help? I live in Knoxville Tennessee and I am a Paramedic, Physician Assistant, Tactical Medic and K-9 Medic. I leave the country several times a year providing medical care and instruction to indigenous village folks and their providers in Third World Countries. If I could help in my own community by providing a SARC program to the local schools , I feel like I am give back locally.

    Thank you in advanced,

    Phillip Kirkland

    • Anonymous says:

      Phil – instructor development classes are being added as there is time and interest. The best I can tell you is to subscribe to the feed of this blog or friend us on Facebook – we will announce in both places when new courses are added.

  10. Laurie Irwin says:

    I am interested. I work in Killbuck, Ohio. Are there any sessions nearby? Thanks.

    • Chris Kelley says:

      Laurie – are you looking for the 2-3 hour course for teachers/administrators or are you looking for the instructor course?

  11. Bob in WA says:

    How do we email you folks? We are close to the Firearms Academy in Seattle in Onalaska and would very much like more info about the SARC program for a private administrator. We are not on facebook either. I will subscribe to the blog replies though. Thx. I hope too, that you put a video out of this training…you'll reach a lot of folks that way too…

    • Chris Kelley says:

      Sorry for the slow response – had some issues with our comment system in the last month. Are you looking to get instructor training for some of your staff so you can deliver training?

      • Tarra Stoddard says:


        • Chris Kelley says:

          Tara – I checked the calendar and currently it looks like there aren’t any SARC instructor classes scheduled. Typically Rob sets these up in the winter months when his CFS and other courses slow down. Check back in a month or two and there may be some classes scheduled. I will post in the news section when they are, so you can also subscribe to updates on the blog, or follow SARC on facebook.

  12. Tarra Stoddard says:

    I’m interested in becoming an instructor being there is no one on my area. I’m a The Well Armed Woman leader here in SC. Please advise my closest contact for follow info. Thank you!

  13. Linda Weiss says:

    One of our parents gave me your flyer because her mather who was a teacher took this course. If I wanted to offer it to my staff (small preschool at a jcc in nj) how would I go about that?

    • Chris Kelley says:

      Linda – you can find local instructors for the class on the “Find Instructors” link. Type in your zip code and a distance to search and an instructor list will be presented. You can contact local instructors and see what their availability is to give a class for your school.

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